Ariadne is a mestizo woman, being of mixed Indigenous Mexican, Spanish, Basque and Northern European descent. Part of her mission is to bring more magic and beauty to this world. She practices some traditional folk medicine practices from her lineage based in the Northern Mexico regions of Coahuila and Tamaulipas, tapping deeper into the wisdom of her ancestors and her grandmothers who healed in the ways of curanderismo. She has a deep passion for Mesoamerican cultures, specifically studying the Maya and Mexica traditions and incorporating the sacred calendars into her daily life and practices. She is in a process of reclaiming her roots and heritage in the ways of sacred living.

Ariadne offers in person gatherings on the land in which she inhabits and she is also available to travel for retreats, private sessions and workshops.

She creates magical gifts for spiritual souls ranging from flower essences to crystal jewelry to unique essential oil blends which can all be found in her shop, The Enchanted Botanica.

Ariadne is a sound bath healer and also offers intuitive tarot readings for spiritual guidance and growth and Reiki energy healing sessions in person, online, and distance.

Ariadne works with various plant medicines, with a deep passion and relationship with ceremonial cacao. She has undergone extensive studies and training with this medicine, devoting years of research, study and experience like traveling to Guatemala to learn first hand the process from seed to ceremony. As an affiliate for Soul Lift Cacao she is able to provide traditionally produced ceremonial cacao made by indigenous collectives in Guatemala and Mexico. She offers cacao circles in group or individual private sessions.

Originally from the majestic Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, she currently resides in Norman, Oklahoma at The Enchanted Forest with her husband and two children where they have constructed a 24′ yurt for local community gatherings, healing services, and connection. Through self discovery, a lot of deep inner work, and manifestation she has cultivated an enchanting life that is ever evolving and she hopes to inspire others through sharing her stories and experiences and connecting with others.  Find her on instagram @The.Enchanted.Botanica for more magic and beauty! And follow along the adventures of @The.Enchanted.Yurt for future events and gatherings!