Ariadne is modern day Aquarian warrior goddess. She brings magic and beauty to this world through her products found in her shop, The Enchanted Botanica, and her offerings. She creates magical gifts for spiritual souls ranging from flower essences to crystal jewelry to unique essential oil blends.

She offers intuitive tarot readings for spiritual guidance and growth, and is also certified in Usui Reiki and offers healing sessions in person, online, and distance healings. She works with various plant medicines on a daily basis, with a focus on cacao ceremonies. She offers in person gatherings on her property and she is also available to travel locally for private sessions and gatherings. She is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and is part of the Awake Healer Community providing high quality indigenous plant medicines and alternative healing modalities around the world.

Originally from the majestic Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, she currently resides in Norman, Oklahoma at The Enchanted Forest with her husband Zach, her daughter Foxx and her son Rebel Wolf where they have just completed a 24′ yurt for local community gatherings, healing services, and connection. Through self discovery, a lot of deep inner work, and manifestation she has cultivated an enchanting life that is ever evolving and she hopes to inspire others through sharing her stories and experiences and connecting with others.  Find her on instagram @The.Enchanted.Botanica for more magic and beauty! And follow along the adventures of their yurt building experience @The.Enchanted.Yurt to see how it all comes together and for future events and gatherings!