Martin Park Nature Center

Martin Park Nature Center is a little oasis tucked away in sprawling Oklahoma City. Located in Northwest OKC off Memorial Drive it is a 140 acre nature park. Driving by on the busy highway you’d never know such a gem was a stones throw away.

Martin Nature Park

More than just a park this place is an educational center, wildlife sanctuary, and nature lovers paradise all in one. It boasts multiple streams, a lake and over 3.5 miles of trails.

There is also a museum, gift shop, and browsing library all on site. Since this park is operated by the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department is it free to visit but it does have limited hours, open from 9am-6pm Wednesday through Sunday. It’s a pretty popular place so expect to see quite a few people everywhere you go within the park as it is an area attraction in a populated city location.

Martin Nature Park

There is ample parking in a paved lot. Upon entering the park there is a childrens playground located near the entrance along with the main building which houses the museum and gift shop. There are also picnic tables located near the entrance alongside a big meadow field, we ended up having a picnic in this area after we got done on the trails.

You will immediately be welcomed by lots of ducks, geese, turtles, and fish as you walk across a large iron bridge. It is just a glimpse into what awaits as you get further into the park.

Martin Nature Park Center, Oklahoma City

The trails here are very easy to navigate, good for all ages and my kids, ages 5 and 2, really liked it here. There are three trails to choose from, A, B, and C along with the meadow trail. There are educational markers throughout the trails showcasing different animals and plants in the area.

Martin Nature Park

While strolling along the trails we encountered quite a few deer and other wildlife, including a snake that had just crossed our path. Tons of birds habitat here and there is a bird feeding blind and watch stations throughout.

Martin Nature Park

There are lots of fun bridges and boardwalks throughout the park which are super cute and charming. I love the character the bridges bring to the area.

Martin Nature Park

Throughout the trails there are also cute wooden fences and stairways, along with some benches scattered throughout. It has a nice variety of topography, one minute you’re strolling through the woodlands and the next you’re partaking in the beauty of an open meadow of wildflowers.

There are some nice views of the bubbling Spring Creek from the trails and a really great spot amongst the red rocks that goes down to the stream and has big rocks to hop around on.

There’s a lot of area here to just sit and relax while watching the water and enjoy the view.

Overall this place is super cute and definitely worth checking out if you are in the OKC area. All of the indoor amenities were closed during our visit but the museum and library looked really neat. The park is well maintained and clean so it made for a very pleasant visit.

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