Hello beautiful soul! It is my pleasure to have you here with me on this journey. I am the Enchanted Gypsy, also known as Ariadne (pronounced R-E-odd-knee). I am a modern day Aquarian Warrior Goddess.  I’m a hopeless romantic, married to a super duper supportive guy named Zach.  We have a beautiful 6 year old daughter, Foxx, and a 2 year old little boy, Rebel Wolf. We also cohabitate with our furry four legged dog Gypsy Rose.

I am a humanitarian and enviornmentalist in the making.  I have an insatiable lust for traveling the world, enjoying organic vegan food, and mindfulness.  A true hippie at heart I’m passionate about crystals, plant medicine, meditation, Zen Buddhism, nature, tarot, herbalism, spirituality, peace and love and things in between.  My Etsy shop, The Enchanted Botanica, is one of my creative outlets that I make and sell handmade oils, crystal jewelry, and other magical items.  I offer intuitive tarot readings for spiritual guidance and growth, check out my tarot page to see what readings I offer.  I am also certified in Reiki and offer healing sessions in person or distance healing. I enjoy voraciously reading non-fiction books, snapping my Canon DSL at anything I find beauty in, hiking, meditating and dancing to my own rhythm. I am an eccentric lover of love, truth seeker and a free spirit all rolled up into one big ball of love. My favorite color is rainbow.  My alter ego, Miss Abby Valentine is a pinup model, pole dancing performer and instructor, and a Burlesque starlet.

Originally from the majestic Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, I currently reside in Oklahoma.  Through self discovery, positive visualization, and manifestation I have cultivated an enchanting life that is ever evolving and hope to bring this lifestyle to others through sharing my stories and experiences and connecting with others. Financial independence, travel, and intentional magical living are the main topics I love to write about. I also offer financial coaching.  Find me on instagram @The.Enchanted.Botanica for magical and practical money tips every Monday!