For those seeking spiritual guidance or clarity on a situation the tarot is a great tool. Readings can bring insight into your life whether its related to your money, career, relationships, health, or spiritual path.

I have been reading cards for hundreds of clients over the past 6 years, and have been consulting the tarot in my own personal life on a daily basis for even longer. I use my intuition and the energy I receive from the cards to give guidance and gain insight into your question or situation to help you make the best decision based on what comes through in the cards.

Tarot readings are most beneficial when needing deeper insight into lifes uncertainties and for personal development and growth.

Contact me to schedule your own private tarot reading at The Enchanted Yurt or I am available for groups. These readings can be done in combination with a ceremonial cacao journey, fire limpia, sound bath or Reiki healing session. Pricing will depend on which services are rendered, contact me for further details.

I also offer online tarot readings where you can ask any question you’d like or I can do a more general reading if you’re not sure what to ask. In order to request a reading select from below which type of reading you would like along with your question and your name through the notes section when checking out. The more details you provide will give more clarity to the situation.

We can either schedule a time to meet over Zoom otherwise you will receive an email with a detailed description of the cards selected and of the energies that came through in the reading. You will also receive a beautiful unique photo of your reading. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive your email.

The types of readings you can choose from for an online reading are as follows:


This reading is good for past/present/future outlook on a situation, it is also good for the overall energy of an issue, it can offer a lot of guidance on lifes questions in a simple manner.


The five card spread is similar to the three card spread but with more depth and insight. It gives greater detail to the question at hand. Good spread to really dig into relationship questions.


This 7 card spread gives an in depth reading on your chakras, how each chakra is being blocked or activated. It gives a good depiction of your body, mind, and soul. I also utilize a pendulum to see which chakra is needing the most attention so that you can focus on unblocking it and getting back in flow with life.


The year ahead spread can be done anytime during the year, I will start from the following month I conduct your reading and work around a full year plus one additional card for the overall energy of the upcoming year. This is a great reading to have done around the New Year or a birthday.

If you have any other questions or need further clarification once you have received your reading please email me so that I can assist 🙂

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. This is not a tangible item and no refunds will be given.