Chocaya Cacao Gathering 10.15.22 6pm


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Join us as we gather in sacred circle on Saturday October 15th, 2022 at 6pm in Norman, Oklahoma at The Enchanted Yurt. We will begin with a beautiful Chocaya cacao ceremony followed by some sacred movement and a healing sound bath experience. Weather permitting we will also have a fire ceremony. This event is open to all. Details and exact address will be provided via email once registration is confirmed. No refunds will be given,however,if you are unable to make it you may send someone in your place as long as you notify us.

Chocaya is a blend of pure vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi) ayahuasca and Criollo Arriba Nacional ceremonial cacao made exclusively by Awake Healer. This Chocaya cacao is completely legal and can be extremely beneficial and powerful in assisting one’s spiritual growth. There is no DMT for a psychedelic experience, but you are able to connect with the essence of the ayahuasca vine in a gently way and still receive the benefits of this amazingly healing plant medicine.


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